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Hello. Layout? Patterns?

Hey all. ^_^ I'm kind of a 'newbie' on the community sceen but you may have seen me comment in the community 'crochet' - although I've yet to formally post.
I'd just like to begin by saying I think this is the most awesome idea ever and I'm totally backing it a hundred percent. I might not be able to design anything awesome - maybe a few afghans as that's what I'm best at, although I have a few skirt ideas but since I've never written a pattern before the idea of making all those sizes is daunting - I'd really like to help somehow.
My strengths are in layout design and graphics. Aside of attempting a few afghan patterns, I'd really like to submit preliminary book designs. I have many, many books of both knit and crochet patterns and being the geek that I am notice all the flaws and good points and would like to have the chance to design the layout for something like this.
Of course, I know I'm a late to jump on this project, so if this has been filled then I'm completely accepting of that fact and I'll stick to designing patterns. And if not, don't think I'm about to try to take this whole thing over or that I'm even suggesting that (because I sometimes come off that way). I love suggestions and I'll submit any designs for everyone to see. The great thing about this project is that so many people are involved that there's something for everyone. The layout of a project like this would be more easy to perfect when their are many people telling you the good and bad points.
Oh, and one last question and I'll shut up:
Do you have to copyright your patterns before attempting to sell or publish them? I assume so during publishing, but I was considering selling some, and that could potential border copyright infringment if your pattern was similar to another and you didn't know it.
Anyway, off to read the old posts in this community and catch up. ^_^
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