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Hookerbook: Book Design

I woke up with this sudden thought in my head: I would like to suggest, that the Hookerbook be designed to be very user friendly.
In keeping with this concept, I was thinking that I'd like to suggest that it be spiral bound, with very sturdy covers. Such a book will lay open flat on a surface, and be easier to refer to. Books with regular binding and spines, kind of snap shut. Do you know what I mean?

Also, I was thinking that it would be very hip, to have a few pages of 1) blank pages, for design sketches, 2) Some lined pages, for jotting down ideas, and 3) some graph paper pages for plotting graphed designs, or filet designs, between each chapter, or at the ends of the pertinent chapters.

Speaking of which, do we have anyone doing a chapter on graphed designs, yet?

I want to really throw myself into the book creation, as soon as my current spate of projects is completed.

I envsion this book as both very full of information, and inspiration, as well as being a type of workbook for people very serious about both learning, and expanding their crochet horizons. Remember, all, your input is what is going to make this book all it can be, so write hookerbook with any ideas and visions you have for the project.

The timing could'nt be more perfect, with the current interest in crochet. I got a ROAMANS catalog yesterday, and increasingly, more and more crocheted garments are showing up in its pages.

Oh! And lest I forget, Ana Voog wrote to me yesterday, and she's quite excited about this project as well, and any part that she might play in it. Now THERE'S humility for you!

Let's make this happen!
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