jeensgrrl (jeensgrrl) wrote in hookerbook,

The ugliest blanket in the world...

I am on a mission. I want to make the ugliest blanket in the world. I think i can accomplish this easily and quickly. You see...I have lots of half done knitting and crochet projects that will be great to piece together for this sole purpose. I mean i estimate the blanket will be done in early 2007. So it will have to be quick and easy. It is sort of funny too because I am going to use all types of yarn...from cheesey 1.99 skeins to 12.00 for 80 yard skeins. I can imagine it will be heavy too. And it will have to be dry cleaned because I already used a very nice silk cashmere blend in it. LMAO. I want to put it on the bed when done with it. kenny is involved in this too, as I have taught him how to fact as we speak he is knitting a sqare to be put into the blanket. I wish I knew some more people that knit or crochet because I would ask for their help...I mean if everyone made a square or something it would be done soooo much more quickly. LOL I would even supply the yarn...considering I have enough to open my own yarn shop if I wanted to. Ok back to my knitting....because we all need an ugly homemade blanket!
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