Rhiannon and the Chorus of Chaos (chorus_of_chaos) wrote in hookerbook,
Rhiannon and the Chorus of Chaos

Left handed crochet pictures

I'm not positive I'll be able to do it, as my digital cam is somewhat crappy (unless someone would want to buy me a good one, ha ha!)and I'd have to find someone to take the pictures while I crochet, but I could probably do picture demonstrations of left handed crochet for the book if we would like to do such a thing.

As a leftie I can tell you it is very frustrating trying to turn those handdrawn right handers images around in your already ass backwards brain!

(I have tiny, short fat fingered ugly fingernailed hands though :( I'd suck as a hand model, but I'm thinking the yarn and hook would hide most of that!)

I would need to know what stitches you would want demonstrated.
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