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Guavmom's Progress

Hello, my dears. What's been going on since I've been offline? How's the book coming along? While I was "on vacation", I wrote the better part of 4 chapters. I need submissions for a GLOSSARY. I already have 28 words. I'll use any that you send me that I don't already have. I wrote a short piece called" Who We Are"...sort of an intro/foreward to use in addition to Momily's. I also did the better part of a chapter on freestyling, and something called, " Hookin and Cookin", for which I'll need recipe submissions. Then, I started something on my natural hand creme recipe, and I still want to do a chapter on dyeing with wildcrafted plant stuffs, and common kitchen ingredients. I hope the interest is still alive for writing the book. I'm still psyched.
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