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Hey all! >lj user="ladyedaoin"> and I were talking, and appears to us that interest in Hookerbook has cooled somewhat. We were thinking that maybe we would extend the timeframe for submissions, and plan on next year for the retreat and book publication to insure the best product. If we're not looking at an artificial deadline of getting it done right away, we can concentrate on the quality of the book. I'd really like to see it be the best we can do, not the quickest. I envision it as being highly informative, and highly entertaining....chatty, casual, and as comfortable and serviceable as your favorite pair of old jeans. Like the community....without the cat fights...hahahah!! Anyone can write yet one more book on crochet, I want ours to have a distinctive personality. Are we all up to speed on this? Let me know what y'all think. OKay? Hook on, troops! Love, Guavmom
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