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Shells and stories

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This community is for the organization and brainstorming of the compilation of tutorials and stories from the crochet community.

The main goal of this community can be simply stated as a place to plan and brainstorm in all ways relating to the project. I think this is straightforward, and my biggest goal as moderator is to make sure all the work we've put into this community is easily accessible later on when we know something was discussed but don't remember when or in which post. To make things easy to find, I have started a memories page.

I need your help in a big way, though. I need you all to use very informative titles on your posts. Your input in this project is totally valued, but if we can't find it later, it might as well have never been posted. Please make sure your posts have titles that reflect with just a few words each of the topics you addressed in your post. An example of a good title could be: Hats chapter, retreat fund raising, and proofreading. Another good title could be: fundraiser recipe.